UAT Testing

Greetings all!

Doing that Henry VIII painting finished me off well and good and I’ve been in a bit of a period of non-painting. However it’s powered up again in the last day or so and I’m working on a few more oils and I have a small notebook full of watercolour stuff to do.Here’s a painting I completed a few weeks ago and which has been sitting in my scanner waiting for me to be bothered to scan it in:

UAT testing

UAT testing

I am calling this one UAT testing. Which if you’re not involved in software development: this is when we hand over the system changes we’ve been making to the business users and they get to test it to see if it’s working according to what they want.

I really think it should be called ‘Disappointment Anger Testing’ – what it really turns out is that all the users who said at the beginning of the project what they wanted, has been whittled down by reality, constraints, timing, and often, physics, so they think they’re getting something very different as those users have not been involved in said whittling.

UAT testing should NOT throw up defects – they should have been picked up in SIT (system integration testing), which has been performed by those like yours truly.
HAHAHHAHA. Well, it does.  A lot of them.

I find that UAT testers do surreal things that we should know about when forming our own testing, but you are constantly surprised. And thus they find stuff you didn’t expect them to find.

I doubt at my current company that a puppy and a toilet brush is used, but then again, who knows. Superannuation is a tricky thing indeed. It’s all metaphorical anyway.