Zeppelin, being led

Ok so I’ve officially hit the limit with the dinosaur paintings. I’m OVER painting them. I have another one in the works which I think i will replace the intended dinosaur with another animal. And i intend on doing at least one more painting of the Queen, probably  more, cause she’s just fun to paint.

Here is the one i finished on Sunday. I sketched it up ages ago and then just didn’t want to paint it. It’s, to me, quite uninspired, and I don’t like it much. It should be funner – it’s got a ZEPPELIN in it! but meh. Could NOT be arsed putting in any more detail, though I do like how the sky came out. And it is obviously a zeppelin.

Of course this usually means everyone else will just love it to bits and I’ll be left wiggling uneasily under the praise of it cause I think it’s rather naff:

zeppelin, being led

zeppelin, being led

Does anyone else have this? You get utterly carried away by something and you paint furiously and you’re full of ideas and you’re in love with what you’re doing…slowing this fades and it becomes habit and mechanical and then all those feelings  start to  then trickle down to nothing, and then you realize that you’re dragging your feet to finish the ones you’ve started and you stare helplessly at your next canvas and don’t want to start it.

I want the drive back. I know this is periodic and once I work out the next thing I’ll be right into it, but for now, nothing nada.. I hate this dead period of no inspiration and very little care to do anything much. I’ve been making sure to keep busy by focusing on things like my woodwork, gardening (SPRING HAS SPRUNG!) and some sewing. I’m in wind down phase and it will start again when it starts. I should just find a way to accept it or at least just work on studies of things and wait for the drive to hit me…

At least work has been all over the shop recently and I’ve got a few ideas for the next watercolours! There is one coming of my current project soon. 🙂