Fight or Flight

I decided to try and do another aerial painting, this time with a WWI plane in it. I learned doing this that I really don’t have any great feeling for English landscapes at all. They are all a bit too pretty, really!


The problem with Australian history and inserting dinosaurs into scenes from it, is that pretty much all the ‘paint-able’ stuff we have been involved with has happened overseas. Australia has lots of exploration. And sheep. And some convicts. And. Um. decimation of a natural population of humans that had lived her for 50,000 years. And the Batavia stuff, which I guess is paintable if you want to do portraits of crazy mass murderers all slaughtering each other. Which I don’t – besides we were technically not aussie at that point, it was pre-Cook. I have considered doing a Captain Cook landing with Australian Megafauna, which is pretty cool (GIANT WOMBATS) but since I feel that the English did steal this land from the people here and spent (and are still) effing them over, I don’t want to commemorate that event.

I didn’t enjoy painting this one either cause of all the green fields. When I set out to do it i was all excited and it wore off pretty fast. Oh man this painting was tedious, and this was the second last one I did that i said ‘I am over this dinosaur thing’.

Though I DID enjoy doing the plane. planes are kind of fun to paint.