We delivered as per the requirements!

Not been feeling the watercolour love lately, I’ve struggled to finish these pics and they are certainly not my best work. Oh well I’ll post them anyway when i get around to it.

Traditionally, too things I paint that I i think kind of suck, other people tend to say ‘Gosh that’s ace’ and really like. That confuses me. One painting in particular I nearly didn’t put into my first exhibition – it sold almost at once and two more people told me they would have bought it.

Clearly I have no idea!

Anyway, to the topic of today’s watercolour.

You know that thing where a project is delivered to specifications and as it turns out, they all were kind of not ideal?

Every now and then a software project is finished and done and then they all work out it was totally not what anyone had meant.

We delivered as per the requirements!

The requirements were meant to be ‘A human’ however this isn’t really what they asked for or signed off on, and here are the project team delivering exactly what they said they would. I hope the stakeholders are happy….It’s so nice to give someone exactly what they asked for!