Its super to stream!

It's super to stream

It’s super to stream

I accidentally folded the edge of this picture, i will get out the iron and get rid of it some point.  Nice crease work, well done me.

Ok, this is my representation of the current project I’m working on at paid work.

Everyone bobbing around fairly happily in little boats on a great ocean, no one has oars (those badly drawn things that look like bottles are some oars). Everyone is vaguely ok (though this last few weeks if i drew this again, we’d all be looking frazzled). Someone has fallen out of their boat, and someone has lost their boat. This represents some of the incidents that have occurred during this project. Which I will not be going into here! duh.

It’s actually a fairly functional project, in that we are getting it ready on time and it’s going to i think largely be functional and meet the requirements – very hard to get to this point when you are working to an external parties seemingly arbitrary guidelines and requirements (represented here by the container ship of doom in the background). There has been too much to do and not enough time to do it, and we are a complicated, rules-bases system – and so it’s all about working out rules and checking that everything is as expected under all the different circumstances. Hard.

This project too has dealt with new technology and interfaces and that has been a problem getting it all to work together.

I am fortunate in that my team are pretty much mostly excellent people who are all pitching in and working together, we have very much an excellent developer/tester relationship, and that is really what i’m looking for. Sometimes testers are overlooked and under rated and fingers are pointed, and they have no say, and i’ve had totally none of that on this project.  I even worked last Wed – first time in 7 years I’ve worked a 5 day week at work (I would assert that I do actually work more than 5 days a week, but that extra time is Art work not software testing work!)