Hot Potato!

Unusually I’m posting on a Friday morning – my caring sharing team shared their horrible viral germs with me and I’m in day two of stupid sleepy headache blergh virus.  I only just got up, it’s 10am. 20 year old me would think ‘wow that’s early’ but 40 year old me is usually at work by 6.30am and thus thinks that’s a bit odd.

Back to the topic.

Hot potato!

Hot potato!

Not sure how well this came across in paint. There is a hot potato in the middle of the picture, radiating light and flames, and all around it are trying to avoid looking at it and touching it.

Ever  had one of those projects where no one wants to do them, work on them, or understand them? I worked on one recently. It was tough. Another phase of it is in flight at the moment and I’m watching people run away screaming from it – I am not on it nor do i want to be on it.

It really was neither that bad or that hard, but the perception of it is terrible, however, you just have to think a bit laterally and you will get it. It’s hard stuff to get but it’s not rocket science. Or brain surgery.

Reminds me of this clip

All of the people in this picture directly correlate to people I know too. I enjoyed doing that. I’m fundamentally not very nice sometimes.

(I can live with that).


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