The track

I have been trying to be a lot looser in my paintings of my landscapes since I decided i needed to knuckle down and get my eucalyptus on.

I did this one last week and put it up on the wall were i could stare at it.  The problem was in the depth of colour and the branches of the trees on the right, i was fine with the sky. Also it needed something more in the foreground to balance out the strand of trees along the centre, and the path was not very well defined:


I touched it up – and took a much better photo (I need to either work on my photography or at least get someone to come and photograph my artworks for me!) – and it looks a lot better:

the track

the track

The trees are better, the balance is better, you can see what is going on more. It looks dry and hot, which it was on that day. All the grasses were dry and their is no rain coming from those clouds.

Today i intend on doing another quick oil sketch, this time with more darks and stronger colours. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but I have this stupid fatigue virus that has made me just sleep for 3 days solid and feel miserable when I’m not asleep! meh.