One Hour Oils

This painting is teeny, i think smaller than a4. So it doesn’t take long to paint, around an hour.

I decided in this oil sketch to put the darks in first – something I’ve never done. I usually try and darken up the picture when it’s done, which is one reason i end up working over more than one session, cause trying to darken lighter paint, it will generally just mix in and go muddy.

One hour oil

So this one, i painted in the sky first (using mostly my finger – i use the ring finger on my right hand to paint with when i use my fingers) – then i put in the three main stripes of dark with a mixture of paynes grey and various umbers (raw and burnt).

I don’t use black often any more, my darks come from paynes grey. i also use PG in the sky as well as only a tiny bit of blue, or else the sky doesn’t look realistic.

Anyway, putting the stripes in made it look like a much better picture as all the shading was done. So i slapped in the grass, and then built up the background trees. You add detail last.  lots of splooshes for detail in this one.

This is also the first picture I’ve properly used a palette knife with. I liked it. I used it a lot to scrape back paint to make finer details, and also to dab and smear and butter the paint (as in, you use the paint/knife as you would buttering toast. Or putting vegemite* toast. MMMM. Vegemite).

So this picture came out much stronger in tone and sharper in colour than my other quick oils – I like it. I’m looking forward to doing more of these pictures while I figure out not only how to paint landscapes, but how _I_ paint landscapes.

I have underpainted a number of canvases in different backgrounds, so I will give these a go and see what i come up with. Pink, purple, yellow. Lets see what difference coloured grounds make, if you scape back to the underpaint, that will be an interesting effect.


*Vegemite is a by product of the beer brewing industry, it takes the yeast and adds salt and possibly fish corpses and death and despair and misery to it (some people would claim this) –  and you can buy it in a little jar to put on your bread. I often refer to it as beer-poo as it’s beer waste. You nutty English have a so-version called Marmite which is DISGUSTING to all true vegemite eaters (yes I’m aware marmite came first but it’s a bit like Dr Who – your favorite doctor is the one you started on. So the only real doctor is Tom Baker, and vegemite is better than marmite). The only real way to have vegemite is very very thinly spread on either very fresh bread, or nice toast, with a layer of real butter first. Chunks of butter are appropriate, nay, mandatory, the vegemite swirls into them. Oh my….nom, nom, nom! You must also have a cup of tea with it, to counter the intensity. Coffee is just not on, with Vegemite.