The Kids

One of my managers asked me if I’d be able to do a picture of his kids for an upcoming birthday in his household. In my water-colour style.  NO PRESSURE!

Now I’ve been very fond of some children, but usually I’m indifferent to most, and somehow I totally fail to understand little girls. I was one myself – but that was so long ago – and I find I have a lot more in common with little boys at least superficially – we all like dinosaurs and robots.  I’m SUPER fond of showing small boys my dinosaur tattoo on my leg and then telling them to ask their parents if they can get one too. Death stares from many a parent over THAT. HEHEHE.

Anyway. A commission to paint (an upper) manager’s kids in my style was somewhat daunting, and I froze like a rabbit in headlights for a bit until I went to myself ‘so what if he doesn’t like it, just enjoy doing it’ – and then it all kind of flowed. I don’t do precision in watercolors, I dont’ do exact likenesses (that is reserved for oils) –  I decided all little girls like horses and animals, so i added the horse and then a dog, cat, mice, and some butterflies.

I made some errors with the paint colours initially and made it too harsh, so I bought a tube of white gouache, which is an opaque water colour. I overpainted bits of it. It made the picture much softer and gauzy to look at, which was very appropriate for the age of the kids. It helped they were happy looking girls who seemed to be getting along well, and so I did actually enjoy painting it in the end.

The result:

the Kids

the Kids

Apparently it went down with the recipient and the kids who are fighting over who gets rights over where to hang it. Nice to hear.