The f#cking women who ate loud food during Beethovens’ 5th Piano concerto and ruined it for everyone

I think the title of this picture (the post title) in effect says it all.
Except their response when we got angry at them: “We think it’s YOU with the problem”. That is why they got a picture dedicated to them.
Yes, it was my problem, you rustled plastic through some of the best music i’d paid a lot of money to see. I have a problem that they neither cared and couldn’t see that. Clearly it’s me!

I could hear the bag opening, the scrabbling for the sweetie in the plastic bag, the unwrapping of said sweetie, the slurping of the sweetie, and the placing of the wrapper back into the bag. multiple times.


You two women,Ā  you didn’t get it and you will never get it. It’s not a movie, it’s an orchestra. I do in fact have a problem with paying $120 for a ticket to go and listen to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra playing Beethovens’ first Symphony and 5th piano concerto (one of the best pieces of music ever written, I think), and having you rustle things as though you were in the local cinema. This is one of the few places you should be able to go to and not have to deal with bull like that. People wait until the end of a movement to clear their throats. consideration is the norm, everyone there is to LISTEN and to keep it down so everyone can listen.

My companion turned to them afterwards (i had turned around and tried to indicate them to stop during the performance a number of times) and said very loudly and so that the rows around us could hear ‘If I’d wanted to listen to that with pops and crackles, I’d have listened to it on vinyl at home!’. There was much smiles from everyone around at that point. It started the fight and at the point we realized they considered us to be thy young rude things, we gave up.

Those awful, awful women.

You are now in pictorial form on the internet. That is very satisfying.

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  1. It started the fight? Oh cool. at a classical concert. The orchestra should have struck up and provided the music for that.

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