Another small fast oil from a few weeks ago. Again, Wyperfeld, there was a really cool shadow cast over the path from the big tree to the left. This was taken in one of the grassy woodland sections around the big loop drive you can do from the main campground – that is an amazing drive, you get to see a lot of different vegetation types. As long as you like dry schlerophyllous woodland, though the nature of the trees and grasses and scrub tends to vary vastly as you get to different aspect.

Oh look, the spell checker has cracked it at schlerophyllous. Well I cannot tell if I spelt it correctly, and I seriously doubt anyone who is reading this can (unless they’ve done botany at an Australian uni – or, randomly, are a fire fighter, which is the only other person I know who knew what that meant).

I don’t know whether this looks like a shadow or the ground has cracked totally. I think I need to make the shadows look thinner at the edges.

Before i did this painting i washed the entire canvas in dark purple acrylic, then painted with oils over the top.  I kind of liked the effect. You get hints of purple around the thinner edges of paint.

I used a lot of palette knife in this one and also a fan brush to get the grass to look like grass (I absolutely had no idea you could do that until I was watching a tutorial on youtube where someone did it and then I was all ‘oh shit yeah!’).

I like this one but two people have assumed it was cracked ground not shadow, so i don’t count it as a massive success!

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