On a zeppelin

on a zepplin

on a zepplin

I painted this picture for a friend’s birthday a while ago. I forgot all about it and I noticed it the other day. I was going steam punk – zepplins and the ochre/brown colours and a vaguely Victorian feeling. I liked the way this turned out. A bunch of ill assorted mutants standing on a zepplin balloon for no real reason. Awesome.

I am quite fond of steampunk as an aesthetic – if it had been around about 10 years ago I’d have been into it for my going out clothes; however what was around was sort of cyber-goth and the social group has geared down and so i just wear old favorites to parties now. I have a lot of big boots and corsets, all in black. Not great for steam punk, though I did manage to cobble together a steam-punky outfit halloween a few years ago with my ‘titanic’ inspired frock, a corset and a hat with bits and bobs painted to look like brass.

Here is the ubiquitous selfie (almost duck-face, yes?). If you look clearly you will see a book ghost written by Tyra Banks behind me. This was a ‘gift’. Thank you a lot, gift giver. I owe you a ‘gift’ in return.