The bland misadventures of the beige whisperer and cardigan man #1


These days when an image takes my fancy, I tend to do a watercolour drawing/painting of it. I used to do these in oils – they took longer and I did less of them. Oils are messier and have a longer commitment time to paint in, and I’m very pleased I started doing stuff as the drawings. They tend to be a lot more spontaneous and illustrative, but it suits the random topics I just want to quickly cover.

Here is an oil (that today would be a watercolour) and it’s a series I need to do more of.

This was based on a couple who were at a bike maintenance course I did a few years ago. Mid 40s or 50s (I’m terrible at guessing ages but they acted OLD), she had a beige pageboy haircut and only spoke in a subservient whisper, he wore a beige knitted cardigan. They looked around furtively and suspiciously all the time, like someone was going to bag snatch them. I thought them vaugely intolerable and tedious. The sort of people who would believe that ‘the refugees’ are ‘illegal’ and ‘here to steal our jobs’, and would have swans made of tyres in their front yards.

I decided to do a series of drawings called “The bland misadventures of the beige whisperer and cardigan man” – all of which they would be doing something utterly boring but looking around like someone is out to GET them.  This is them having some coffee at a picnic. I also decided that they had an animal they took everywhere with them. Looking at it now, I don’t know whether it’s a cat or a dog. I doubt they do either.