The bland misadventures of cardigan man and the beige whisperer #2

the bland misadventures 2

The bland mis-adventure continues with: Doing the dishes.

I decided that the beige whisperer and cardigan man could do their dishes in a beige-yellow kitchen, last decorated in the early 80s, just like that horrible kitchen we had in that rental property at Panorama Street. Oh that house was disgusting. Different brown vinyl pattered floors in all the wet areas. The wallpaper in my bedroom had a different brown-on-cream pattern on EVERY WALL. And built-in laminated fake wood-grain drawers. Yes, this is the sort of place where this couple lives. Now I’m having memories of that plush brown 1970s couch. Was everything in that place in brown? Well yes, really it was. I’m actually a bit of a fan of brown – I wear brown, my hallway is chocolate brown, I like natural wood-grain and I have a house full of oak and nice deep wood furniture – but brown patterned vinyl tiles and wall tiles and shag-pile light brown carpet, are now a thing thankfully in my past , back when I rented and didn’t have a lot of choices.

I doubt actually this couple would have the pretty blue bowls and cutlery – unless this was a stamp giveaway voucher set from a supermarket or they got it cheap. However, I needed a nice colour to offset the yellow, so blue it was.

This painting was sold a long time ago but I still visit the buyer, so every now and then I get to see it.  I really need to do more paintings of this couple, being boring….