Moonlight over the campground

pending sale - moonlight over the camp ground

pending sale – moonlight over the camp ground

Another picture painted on a pink ground, which means it reflects the soft dusk remarkably well I think.

At the end of December 2012 I was camping at Wyperfeld national park and made the mistake of spilling the dishes water right outside the tent flap. The tarp there was suddenly inundated with honey bees – a feral pest in the park. There was no way of getting back into the tent. I’d spilled beer in the tent earlier. I also mentioned that I’d set myself on fire, too, right? but the bees were a bit more problematic (fire can be slapped out with the hand, beer dries…but bees sting!) so we ended up going for a very long wander around until darkness set and the bees went to bed. Luckily my camera was not in the tent, so this is how i got a bunch of really nice photos of the sunset, the dusk, and then the moonrise. The moon was so intense that one didn’t need a light at all, which was good cause we forgot to bring one.

This is my first painting of a moon rise, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I like the softness of a semi-arid sunset, it was hot and dusty and very still and the pinks and blues and yellows in the sky was pretty awesome.

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