The Migraine

This is a pretty accurate description of what seems to be going one when one has a migrane.

The Migrane

Two Saturdays ago I woke up with a migraine. It’s only my 5th ever, I can recall all the others with such clarity, my first was in the early 90s, and they are so infrequent and occur at such seemingly random times that I have never been able to figure out why.

Mine tend to go the way of a hot, angry band all over the top of my head, a headache that does not resemble a normal headache and is not resolvable with normal medication, and I get  nausea. (my second migraine hit me while i was in a camp ground in North West Victoria, I was trying to get to the toilet block but failed, threw up on a tree, and staggered back to the tent. This was the only four wheel driving holiday I ever tried to go on!)

The only way to get over them really is to lie down in the dark and sleep it off. I’m sensitive to light (so i draped a tshirt over my eyes), and sound (earplugs help). A few hours in I realised I had some leftover endone from the tonsillectomy and I took that and that made a massive difference. Endone divorces you for pain and makes you a bit high and makes me sleep (how the heck do people take it at parties  –  I would just pass out!!!!) and it nursed me through the remaining hours of my stupid migraine.

What a waste of a good Saturday, too! I came out of it thinking I needed to get something good out of this annoying thing, so I did a painting to commemorate it.

I’m super pleased with how the cats turned out in this one. I love my cats –  and they love it when I’m sick – so I spent the day with three tabbies curled up against me going ‘Oh this is nice, the human food provider is being immobile!’  This are pretty good portraits of Angus, Baltar, and Enoch.