The pearls that were once his eyes



Inspired by TS Eliot who I have become recently very fond of, I liked the phrase ‘These are the pearls that were once his eyes’. It’s in his poem The Waste Land, which is largely incomprehensible, but I think it might be about, a drowned person. I don’t know. Go read it yourself and tell me what the heck you think it is – in the same way that Mullhulland Drive is a movie with an incomprehensible plot but it’s still an awesome movie…. So this painting is based on that line.

I have started soaking the paper and doing full colour washes in water colour (thin under painting) and then building up over that. I used to just paint directly onto the paper. Many moons ago I did a water colour course and we learned to do washes but I never really liked it. The style of the teacher, and other ‘how to do water colours’ was so very NOT me that I never really extrapolated the technique to my own style.  discovering that I can do so has meant i’ve got some interesting outcomes which is never bad.

I’ve also started highlighing my watercolours with white guouche. I know this is a crime to water colour purists, so many people insist you map out the painting and keep the white bits white when you start – I don’t paint like that. it’s all about finding out where you end up, unfortunately watercolour is not forgiving like that, but an opaque white highlight colour over the top (that is a water based paint but not a waterCOLOUR paint), does wonders. I’ve also bought a tube of paynes grey and sepia tint recently which again, I’m using lots, really liking those colours.

TS Eliot also wrote a book of poems that later of course was turned into ‘Cats’ the musical. His non cat stuff is fascinating. And he reuses phrases – the moon losing it’s memory, turns up in one of his other poems too. Good stuff.