Painting animals

sold - the frock

sold – the frock

I was going through some of my older photo from a few years ago of paintings I either sold or gave away as gifts. I was experimenting with acrylics because I was having massive allergy reactions to oil paint (turps or linseed oil was causing runny nose and sneezing – unpleasant!).  I’ve switched to water soluble oil paints now – they have the lovely buttery, slippery quality that I missed so much. These days I work in oils and watercolour on paper.  I think all of these paintings are in acrylic – which dries too fast to be fun to paint with. Also I kind of dislike the smell. These days I use the acrylic paints I still have to do under painting for my oil paints – high coverage and drying fast are good for that!

The picture above is for a friend who likes to sew.  I enjoyed adding the dots to that one. Ironic now as she did not have a dog and now she has volunteered to raise a guide dog puppy (who is enormous and a very happy dog. Apparently he’s ‘come good’ recently and is no longer such a drama queen).

sold - mogawai

sold – mogawai

Another dog is Mogwai, who I did on request for a friend whose dog this is. She recently had cancer in her foot and had her whole leg removed (three legged dogs are way cute). Again vaguely weird now I look at it that I painted her with removable limbs!

A few years ago I gave away a bunch of older paintings to friends that I didn’t really like any more and I went to dinner at Mogwai’s house and there were a bunch of them staring at me. It was quite a shock! It was also interesting to see old pictures again after such a long time. Some of them were actually quite successful and I’d not been able to see it at the time. It’s nice when someone takes your pictures that you don’t value and loves them, anyway.

sold - horse1

sold – horse1

Another acrylic, of a horse, I think it’s time to paint another horse, now I’m looking at it….Like all little girls, I played at being horses all through primary school, once I found some friends. Oh that sounded tragic. I will explain: we moved house when I was in grade three, and I ended up in an area with no other kids lived near me so mum made me join brownies and stuff on weekends (never liked brownies), and most of the people at school were under the thumb of someone who disliked me (unless it was maths test day and she could sit next to me, cause I was smart and she wanted to copy), so I spent a fair whack of my childhood a bit lonely, until someone else lonely started at my school, then it got a bit better. And. HORSES!

sold - ninja possum

sold – ninja possum

Another friend had a ninja possum stealing his chillies he was growing on the verandah of his flat. He knew it was a ninja cause he could NEVER CATCH IT IN THE ACT.

Melbourne abounds in possums. I have at least one that lives in the backyard. The place is teeming with them but you only really see them at night running along power lines, and you see the evidence of their bite marks in the fruit of your fruit trees. Or they steal your chillies.

sold- walruses

sold- walruses

I just like walruses, the way they lie around and look at you. I’m fond of the dude in the back who has his mouth open and yawning.


I wish I could remember the name of this dog, this was also a request from a workmate who wanted a portrait of his dog. In acrylics again. I think this and the other dog were when I started really liking grey as a background for this sort of portrait.


Ah, Benji, the dog of someone at my work. I painted this for her cause we ‘bonded’ and she was obsessed with her dog, and she was leaving, and I am not sure what her reaction was to it as it ended up being packed up with her stuff and sent to her place cause she didn’t come in to get her stuff and then I went on holiday…. I liked the painting though. 🙂

The G is silent, Gnoo it gnot

Bad photo. A gnu! which is a type of deer. I wonder who ended up with this.


Dragon, done for another present. I did not like it at the time and I don’t like it much now. Oh well. you loose some I guess. 🙂