At the starting line

The starters block at the melbourne cup. with dinosaurs

At the starting lineAt

We had the Melbourne Cup horse race recently. Melbs is one of those places where we get a public holiday in order to attend or watch a single horse race. People go a bit odd here around cup time, it’s called the ‘spring racing carnival’ and it’s aimed at getting people to dress up in wedding attire (hats mandatory) and going off to various ‘important’ races and standing in the sun and drinking and showing off their frocks and stuff. I think the whole thing is sponsored by the alcohol industry, plus milliners, who must sell a LOT of hats for the race, and the doctors who profit from getting rid of skin cancers, cause the number of people who end up bright red due to lack of application or reapplication of sunscreen is remarkable.

You might have picked up on the fact that I don’t much care for the horse race bit.  I’m very pleased about having that Tuesday off work though. Most people take the Monday off and have a four day weekend. I had to work the Monday this year due to project implementation and the best thing was an almost empty train to the city.

It’s sort of fun to paint races though, as long as you don’t have to paint humans or horses.