Folk Dancing with Cider leading to Procreation

Folk dancing with cider leading to procreation

Folk dancing with cider leading to procreation

One of my mates once explained how he came to be born. It was at a folk dancing festival and there was a lot of cider. And nine months later, oh look, a baby came out!

The concept just appealed to me. Sort of like a bachelors and spinsters’ ball only for geeks who like cider.

These days, with the alcopops tax – a massive tax on pre mixed ‘girly’ drinks to stop young people drinking too much, but not on brewed drinks – cider, being a brewed drink, has taken off in sales and what is available. You can get cider in all sorts of flavours – technically of course only apples make cider (pear drink should be called peary but it’s called pear cider) – but that is a quibble really.

I am not fond of cider, too sweet usually. Bring me beer or red wine any time instead. MMMMM. BEEER.

I live with someone who brews. We have a beer fridge. There is cold beer on tap. So far this has not led to procreation, though.

Sold - The  Brewer

Sold – The Brewer

I’m also quite fond of dancing.  Many years ago I was active in the SCA here in Melbourne, through Monash Uni, every now and then I make it along to one of the local group events.  Lots of dancing, though you’re doing it in heavy clothing and silly hats…

The best ‘folk’ dancing thing I ever did was when I visited London in 98, I went to ‘The Queens House’ at Greenwhich, and they were doing a demo of playford dances. So I got to dance ‘Jenny Pluck Pears’ in the hall in a place where it would have been danced originally. I’m still really chuffed about that.