One of the things I like to do when people get married is to do them a picture for their wedding present.

There is always the risk that people won’t like what you give them anyway, I say, why not give them something personal and tailored and risk it that way rather than a set of towels or a pie maker! I don’t really mind if my paintings are not well liked but at least the gesture is appreciated – and often the picture is liked very much indeed!  I still am worried sometimes that I’ve messed up and the couple unwrap it and go all ‘yuck’ – as art is so very personal.

I went to a wedding about two weeks ago in Bangalore. The bride loves purple and the groom is seriously into Karaoke. So this was my wedding present to them. Also – rolled up, easy to transport a piece of paper! Hehehehe.

It was an excellent wedding, btw. I came down with a tummy bug within 24 hours of being in India (for goodness sake) and it’s troubled me till a few days ago, and I was not greatly well and very jetlagged, but the couple are one of those that you go ‘what a great match’ too and there were fireworks and it all went off well.  It was my second visit to India and I have decided I love the place, it’s so gloriously chaotic, so utterly different from Melbourne. I prefer living in Melbourne, mind, but India suits that bit of me that needs a lack of order every now and then!

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