December is not a time of year one can do any art

I am one of nature’s introverts – by which I mean I need a lot of lone time, doing my own thing, to cope with the world.

Every year, December comes up and destroys that lone time with a series of things its’ very hard to get out of and it is very nice to go to, however I’m often drained by the end of it totally. So i have NOT been doing much painting (which is distressing in its own way!)

This December it started overseas which was unusual, and i went to two weddings, also unusual, but if I’d not gone to them I would have gone to birthday parties/picnics instead cause for some reason EVERYONE is born in December!By the end of this December, I will have done the following:

  • International holiday
  • 2 weddings
  • 2 big half day team lunches
  • 3 private lunches, possibly 4
  • 1 birthday party
  • 1 xmas eve party
  • 1 camping event
  • 1 new years eve party

Plus the normal going to work, seeing people as usual, going to the gym, etc. And i was rather ill at the end of the trip to India (DUH!) so ‘recovery from illness’ will be in there too. So usually in a month I might have one party, and maybe a lunch to go to, so this is leaving me a bit of a wreak. I am moving from day to day just getting enough sleep and down time to cope with the next thing. Oh you first world problems, you.

This is an art blog (ostensibly), so what have i been doing?

Been dabbling (not often) at the watercolors, finishing off and planning new ones. I have plans which will get put into motion next year. I should have finished the Prince Regent oil painting soon, it needs one more session and it’s done. I started another tiny picture of the queen which i will add a giant insect to (just cause) and have begun thinking about my next big oil paining which is going to be a Tudor progress-style picture (in the style of the field of the cloth of gold) but i will make it Elizabeth being wooed by Leicester at Kenilworth – with dinosaurs and monsters, of course. I took stock of my oil paintings and realized I just don’t have enough dinosaurs/royalty ones yet to approach a gallery with. So back to the drawing board.

Here is one of my recent paintings- Miss Universe. I was at the gym on the treadmill which have individual TVs and i happened to catch a bit of the most recent Miss Universe. Struck me that the contestants were ALL HUMAN which did not make sense. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and anything that is universal should not conform to one form of beauty, plus the whole universe should be allowed to enter, surely!

Miss Universe

Miss Universe