Prinny and Friend

I finally finished this painting. I could probably do a fair bit more work on it to get it really up to scratch but I really cannot stand the idea of it. I started this one ages ago and just never got into it, dragged my feet. It sat in various stages of unfinished for a looooong time until i bit the bullet and finished it a few weeks ago. Then I had to photograph it and since I’m terrible at that (all my smaller pictures are good cause i use the a3 scanner) I was putting it off.

Not much else to do today, my scoliotic back has seized up and I can’t exercise plus it’s a heat wave out there so I’m camped under the cooling vent and typing and about to watch some telly while painting some more. it’s about 40 Celsius out there. Bloody horrible.

I think the problem with me and this picture was that it bored me. Way too much boring background colour and costume. I mean, it LOOKS good once done (I am a terrible photographer so the light bit at the side is actually quite dark, but it is reflecting the light). While really detailed pictures can drive me nuts too at least I can work at them and do something – I have started another Tudor picture which is going to be crazy detailed by the end, but that’s ok. I can do that one in stages. This one was ‘lots of layers of the same colour to get depth and not enough going on to entertain me’ with.

And too much white. dull dull and dull. I was uninspired when I started it. But I really don’t have  enough of this series to approach a gallery with yet so I need to paint more and this was a misguided attempt to get myself interested at a time I was not.

So I added a dodo and I really don’t enjoy painting beige things. White and beige, the two colours that bore me to tears.

Despite all the bitching and moaning, I’m pretty ok with how this ended up. It’s imposing and epic. Plus. DODO! (yes i’m aware it’s not a dinosaur but hey, I’m a bit over dinosaurs). This pose and outfit is based on a picture by Thomas Lawrence, who did a lot of PR for the Prince Regent by making him look grand and striking and not dumb and corpulent.  BTW, if you’ve seen Hugh Lauries’ version of the prince regent in Blackadder III, that’s pretty much was he seemed to be like. A bit less stupid and very very charming.

the prince regent was thought by some to be a bit of a dodo. so i added one. based on a portrait by Thomas lawrence

Prinny and Friend