Winter waves

The day was cold, the sea was blue, the waves were crashing

Winter waves

I am trying my hand at different types of landscape. Last winter I went down to Blairgowrie back beach and some of the places along the coast there and took photos of the beach and the water, decided it was time to give it a go to paint another landscape of the sea (my first was not very successful so it took some time to want to do another one). It was terribly cold and the water was a deep blue. I found this a really interesting study to do, did not really enjoy it much though. You have to get shape and mass into waves, if you think of them as just water you’re screwed. Waves are a three dimensional object which change in colour constantly, also in translucency, they cast their own shadows and getting the perspective right in them is also a lesson I have to learn better. I don’t think I’ve mastered this at all but it’s a good start. You can tell what is going on – waves crashing on a rocky shore line. At least I hope that seems to be what’s going on!

The reflection of the sky in the wet sand in the beach was kind of interesting to get something that looked ok. I didn’t replicate this the way I had wanted to but that being said I really liked the effect I got while I was trying so i left it in.  Also the sky was brilliant flat blue on this day but whenever you do that in a painting it looks dumb, like you don’t know what you’re doing.  Many of the skies I do in most of my paintings are actually flat blue – I always add clouds in for interest.

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  1. Jeffrey Smart (when asked about his overcast skies) said that grey skies and clouds are much more appealing. I agree!

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