I started this painting on the plane on the way back from India. Don’t know why. Plane trips are horribly uninspiring. I always think they’ll be great to do things on but the reality is I should only take something I’ve already started and finish it off and don’t expect to come up with anything new.

Maybe it’s that whole ‘I have just spent n hours sitting in an airport lounge and having my water bottle thrown out and going to the toilet 14 times before takeoff so I don’t have to keep going once on the plane and gosh wouldn’t it be nice if I could move my legs’.

I cannot sleep on a plane. But i can draw someone doing the vacuuming.

(Wait…vacuuming is spelt with two ‘u”s??? OMG Spellcheck, really?…wait. Spellcheck is not in the spellcheck? Not very meta of you, spellchecker!)

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  1. I always spell it V-A-C-W-M to people if they’re asking in speech.

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