Selling paintings

I sold three paintings yesterday cause I sent the link of this blog to a lovely lady I’ve just started working with and she said “I AM BUYING ALL THE THINGS”.  Awesome.
I suppose I should talk about prices here at some point, until I get a sales option going which I should really do soon but it’s in the ‘things to do this year’ bucket at the moment!  So until then:  I’m interested in selling largely just to make more room and get my stuff out there into the greater world and liked by people at the moment –  so my paintings are very affordable!

In Australian dollars: the watercolours are $50AU each,  the oil/acrylics on canvas in the ‘hound of the baskervilles’ gallery are somewhere between $100AU and $500AU depending on size.  Pretty much everything in there without a ‘sold’ on it is available.

My landscapes are all for sale around $120AU for an A3 size, less for the titchy ones, slightly more for the bigger ones. Again, happy to just sell at this point, I have no plans to exhibit these.

The Queen/dino pics are not currently for sale as I’m planning on exhibiting them some time as a group when I get the right amount up.

There would be postage if you’re not in Melbourne – The watercolors are all on paper and I’d send them rolled up and packed nicely, the things on canvas would get packed in layers of cardboard and bubble wrap for safety. I once bought a painting over the internet that was so poorly packed that it came to me with a broken frame. Not good!  My ebay rating for being a seller (of random not art objects) is pretty good btw. I’m trustworthy! hehehehe. TRUST ME THIS IS THE INTERNET.

Anyway. Anyone interested in sales, feel free to email me at agean  27  at gmail dot com and we can discuss price and packing. I’d love to sell more stuff!!!  I do have a paypal account or direct deposit.

So, this blog post was brought to you by another ‘one hour oil’ landscape. Again Wyperfeld (which is STILL on fire…not good). This was a clear, lovely evening, with the moon visible over the clouds. I used a palette knife for the grass which I kind of like doing, it’s a bit like spreading butter on a bit of toast, but then on toast you have to scrape it off again cause frankly that much butter is not good for you. Also, you don’t eat a painting. Well I’ve never seen anyone eat a painting. That would be disturbing. Ok I will go now, I’ve started rambling.

Moonlight early evening

Moonlight early evening