Chinese new year

Randomly I finished doing the Chinese astrology characters that I was working on all January last week, in time for Chinese new year. I drew two little self contained characters to a page. So this makes that post appropriate!  I don’t know what I want to do with them yet. T-shirts? Some worked way better than others. I really love the rabbit and the tiger, they turned out sweet. Bit harder to make a horse kind of cute and creepy at the same time (which is what I was going for really)

It’s the year of the horse!

Goat and horse

Also, goats are evil, have you seen their eyes!

Dragon and snake

Dragon and snake. very hard to get a dragon to fit and look good. Not sure this one is a success. Maybe i will need to redo.

bull and rat

Bull and rat. I’m a bull apparently. NO BULL!  Also I’m a 73er so that makes me a water buffalo. I like water buffalo, so that’s ok.

rabbit and tiger

Rabbit and tiger. These two are utterly my favorite, especially the bunny rabbit!

rooster and monkey

Rooster and monkey

pig and dog

Pig and dog. Pigs are kind of ugly and my affinity for dogs is not really high. I prefer cats, but I’ve met the odd dog who I’ve been fond of (dogs are like kids and other adults to me, I only like some of them, whereas I’ve never met a cat I’ve not instantly wanted to pat and shower with affection!).

I went to China in 2012. One of the worst and most stressful and distressing holidays of my life, for a number of reasons. It’s actually taken me this long to do the Chinese characters – It’s an idea I had IN china but i found it kind of distressing to deal with. I’m now able to look at bits of that holiday fondly – the day the boat on the yellow river rammed the dead pig was a highlight (yes, that was the highlight of that tour – does that tell you how much I disliked being there!!!!).

Here is a picture of me and Kellie enjoying the great wall. You can see we went on a marvelous day indeed. This kind of sums up that holiday in a nutshell really!:


As another aside, I once ate Ais Kahang at Chinese New Year in Melbourne. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE THAT WAS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING IN THE UNIVERSE.