Stop the madness


Warning: This is not an art post.

Last year for various reasons (media manipulation by the right wing element certainly helping), we as a nation elected a Liberal government.

I am no longer able to tolerate not doing anything about their policies. I have gone through dread, horror and now I’ve hit enraged. The man in charge, Tony Abbott, is equal parts dangerous and ignorant,  he’s an old school catholic, a climate change denier, someone who sees no point in science or humanities.  His latest attempt is to shut down media that is not pro-tony. He reminds me of Leto Atredies II from God Emperor Dune, only Tony is doing this cause he thinks he knows best, not because he does know best.  He knows nothing. I’d feel sorry for him except that he’s doing a lot to destroy the socialist policies that make Australia a really pleasant place to live, and he just doesn’t understand science, and yet drives ignorant science policies.  If he was american he’d be in the tea party.

This is a pretty good review with links to all of the terrible things the libs have done so far :

I’ve signed this petition:

And have joined this group:

I will look into trying to do more.

Any Australians out there who does not want to see us locked into a socially repressive and environmentally destructive phase of government, please consider joining your name to the protest. There is not much anyone can do individually but in theory we are a democracy and have the right to try to stop something that the majority does not want.