February can bite my shiny metal ass

I’ve really not had a lot of fun this month and the end of last month, what with external circumstances conspiring against me to make me uncomfortable and sick.

It started with a heat wave where it really didn’t drop below about 25C for about two weeks (that is TOO HOT at night, Melbourne!) and it didn’t rain for weeks. All the plants are crispy and brown. I get a horrid headache if I’m too hot, so I had lots of headaches, and they hayfever and asthma kicked off.  There was smoke everywhere cause the state was burning. Super depressing really.

I really dislike summer every year. My ancestry is european (scottish and english and irish) and I’m a delicate pale skinned petal, the Australian summers are relentless and horrid to live through and every year I am filled with hate as the year swings around again.

Then I had to do a training course for work – ITIL. That was torture. Me, stuck  in a room for three days, unable to wander at will…argh! Also, ITIL is a framework for providing IT service. Does that sound fascinating? NO? You are correct, it is not! ARGH!  There was an exam at the end of it which one was required to study for. TORTURE I TELL YOU. I was actually shattered by the end of it!

All the writing stuff down during the course meant I ended up with tendonitis and have been nursing my hand for a week and unable to do anything much with it.

On top of all of this, I came down with a stinky snotty sneezy coughy virus on Thursday, so I’ve spent two days either being asleep in bed or lying on the couch and watching episodes of Tudor Monastary Farm and Face Off. I’ve done a lot of reading, though, that was good.

Hence not a lot of art, not a lot of blogging, much being slightly miserable or uncomfortable or in actual pain. It was only yesterday arvo my hand stopped being in pain and the sickness started clearing up –  I started drawing again, by carefully so as not to strain my hand too much.

I’ve also been re-assessing where to go next with the direction my art is going in. I think pepping up this blog is one thing to do but I will need to figure out how and why.  🙂

In the meantime here is a picture of monster aliens partying on the moon. I did this one for a friend’s birthday a few years ago. Only found the photo of it the other day. I like aliens and moons. If i had access to star trek holodecks, this would be a good approximation of my next party. Not like the boring stuff the Federation get up to in holodecks (fishing, boring cocktail parties, really guys!!!).

Party on the Moon

Party on the Moon