The Winter Olympics (…are just as boring as all other sport)

The winter olympics

The winter olympics

I have no idea why i did this painting. Well, I do, i wanted to paint a snowy mountainous landscape and it seemed a good thing to do and there was some news I saw at the gym about the  Olympics. I don’t also know what this is a painting of. Deformed dog-things in a giant bandaged sled while being waved on by marsupial things? SURE. WHY NOT.

The only sport I’ve played since being forced to participate in year 8 netball (of which I was particularly awful at) and Work Team Bowling days (which frankly are excuses to drink beer, not bowl) was a few weeks ago when we got bored one very hot Friday night and went to the new pool hall at the end of the street and I played two games of pool. Lost one, one one. that’s about it really.

I really really find sport boring and pointless. I’d rather stab my eyes out with a spoon than watch most of it. Ironically I saw some cricket this year as D was watching Australia beat the pants of England, so I would sit there too and do painting or sewing or drawing or computer based solitaire, while incomprehensibly boring things occurred on the screen.  This is not to say that I find exercise bad…. I gyminate at least 4 times a week, I try and do various things 5-6 times a week, and stay fit. But exercise and fitness does NOT equal yukky sport which involves rules and competitions and skill. And compares. And advertisements. ergh.
This to me is the epitome of cricket: The Goodies had a lot to say about it and were very funny doing so.

So no, I did not watch the winter Olympics. Perhaps if mutant dogs were allowed to participate I might watch for amusement’s sake.I will not watch the next summer ones either, exactly the same way I wont watch cricket, tennis, soccer, football (by which i mean neither Aussie Rules or that other strange throwing ball one where dudes wear very peculiar things), or anything else they put on the telly. I don’t give a stuff and never have. The only thing that ever came out of Olympics that i am interested in is this, and that is because this is totally awesome.