Party rock is in the house tonight. It’s not however German Sparkel Party Rock.

Party rock is in the house tonight

Party rock is in the house tonight

I have a really no idea what I about to happen in this picture. I believe the Party Rock is about to GO OFF and have a great time.  I like to think the dog at least will join in the dancing, but who knows. Maybe that couple will get up and rock away.

I tried to fill this picture with Old People stuff. See that couch?  I’m currently sitting on it, it’s this big massive deco couch that belonged to a friend’s Nana, which they handed over to me cause I like big massive deco couches. I have three. Including my own Nana’s one and one I bought in the 90s to replace the brown velvet 70’s monstrosity that for some reason was my couch for many years (actually that one was comfortable to sleep on. Many a person crashed on that couch after a party) . I don’t have antimacassars on my couches but I do have a fake tiger skin that the cats like to sit on.  And see that picture (in the picture…how meta)? In the 70s there were a lot of bullfighter pictures around, I’m guessing this couple have not really done a lot of upgrading to their stuff since the 70s. I recall the seventies in this bizarre set of images of red shag-pile carpet, bullfighters, orange cups to drink cordial from, and floor length party frocks. And skivvies. I HATED skivvies. For those who do not know of the horror of the skivvy, it’s a long sleeve t-shirt with a rolled neck (I think in the US these are known as turtle necks) and they strangle your airways and are hot and uncomfortable and for some reason all the Mums in Mulgrave got together and said ‘how can we torment our children…I know, lets all stick them in skivvies all the fucking time!’  – they went under dresses, with skirts, under overalls (Yuck. overalls), and with pants.  I spent years tugging at them to get them away from my throat and just being filled with child hate but not saying anything for some really odd reason.  And I’ve never voluntarily worn anything that does up to my neck since I’ve started dressing myself (that’s all of 2 years now…!!!). The seventies were therefore about being strangled by horrible yellow skivvies. SCREW YOU,  SEVENTIES.

Actually now that I put this painting up, it’s reminding me of German Sparkle Party which we were all totally obsessed with for some reason a few years ago.  And I just watched again now.  Hardcore!  Dancy Dance! There was in fact a social group party with the theme German Sparkle Party and it had some pretty glorious costuming going on. Leather and sparkles. Not a combination you expect to work…and yet.  I’ve been forced recently to (on the topic of hardcore dancy dance) finally accept that my stupid twitchy back is never going to allow me to wear my New Rock Boots again, so I’m selling them (to friends who appreciate them).  So I will no longer be able to put on MY rubber boots and dancy dance – cause the heels do dreadful things to my ability to be upright.

I actually really like LMFAO enough that I bought their album.  Loved the Party Rock Anthem. Always wondered how a rock could have that much fun. All the rocks around here just lie there, unless you try and throw them. Or throw things AT them.

BTW there is a fair bit of evidence that the party rock shuffle is actually originally from my home town and has been known for years as the Melbourne Shuffle. A few people I know from the goth/cyber clubbing scene were a bit incensed at it being picked by by LMFAO.