Finally found something to do with that Justin Bieber Doll

A number of years ago I got a joke present for xmas – a Justin Bieber Doll.

The person who gave me him for xmas set me up at new years when I met his new girlfriend. She said ‘Oh, you’re Avril! You’re the one with the Justin Bieber Doll!”


I know JB has had a hit about a baby baby. I know he’s released a perfume with what looks like a giant vagina on the top.

He looks like he might be in for a troubled young adult hood. I’m totally not interested in him. But. I HAVE THIS REALLY SHOCKINGLY AWFUL DOLL. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH IT.


I left him in his packet (the doll, not my friend) for many years. He lived at work for a while in order to disgust people I worked with. I’m sure the friend manages to disgust his OWN friends.

For some reason the other week we got him out and started taking photographs of him Doing Things around the house. This has led to a lot of fun ideas on what I can get him doing. No means original – my friend used to take Jakar and Squeaky withe her on holidays (Squeaky was a plastic lobster and Jakar was her fave character from Babylon 5) and take shots of them, and I know stories of garden gnomes that have travelled the world – but hey. So far no Justin Bieber doll has it’s own voice out there in the internet.

I started a facebook page but it wasn’t really the right forum (though I will continue to use it); I wanted to personalize the adventures and come up with the stories more and give him a voice.

So I started a blog called The Adventures of JustinBieberDoll. He’s NOT Justin Bieber and I don’t intend to slur or demonise JB, it’s all about the doll.  He’s going to have a LOT of adventures.
I took him to work the other day to get some shots there, and kind of got sprung pouring milk over him. Eh.


It was EXPIRED milk. I was not wasting company money!

It’s an enjoyable thing to do and I will add to it for as long as it amuses me.

CUL8R!  <–this is my attempt at being cool. JUST LIKE JUSTINBIEBERDOLL.

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