Now I’ve finished this series I have to find somewhere to show it

Triceratops Rex

Triceratops Rex

This painting only got done because Laura said “you totally have to paint the queen with a Triceratops!”.  Cause I was SO OVER doing these paintings at this point, I could not bear another one. And yet, here it is. I was very sullen about this one. No joy, no love. It took forever to finish cause I just didn’t want to work on it. The whole thing irritated me.
Well it turned out ok I think. If i have to paint that bloody crown one more time I’m going to punch something (rather than someone as this would be assault and also very unfair of me as a thing to do. If you were walking down the street and an enraged artist appeared and socked you on the jaw cause they had to paint something they didn’t want to, you’d be a bit cheesed off.)

So now i have to get up a gallery proposal. Which is like applying for a job and we all love doing that. Cold calling sending in your art to places and saying PLEASE EXHIBIT ME.  I am not represented by a gallery (which i think seems to be the aim of the successful artist – they keep your paintings in stock and show people who wander in and promote your work – I should be aiming for that i guess? not sure) so it’s all DIY and approaching the galleries with some sort of document. I managed to wing this twice before by just sending out things to places I liked so I guess I’ll do it again. All the information on the web seems to point to this as a totally ok way to do it.

FINISHED with queens.

I really hated painting dinosaurs. I love them but they are really hard to get to look ok. I once painted an apatosaurous* that I could not get to NOT look like a poo. This stays with my memory as being super frustrating!


*omg spellcheck suggested i change apatosaurous to brontosaurus. I’m sorry, brontosaurus does not exist because it was an apatosaurous with a made up skull! That’s really funny! (well to me).