I really need to sell some paintings as I’m running out of storage room

I have paintings stacked on paintings. There are a lot from a few years ago that I have never tried to exhibit, there are ones that went through earlier exhibits, and there are ones I’ve done lately but they don’t really fit into a theme. They are stacked on top of cupboards and all sorts of things. I paint a lot. I’ve run out of room. It’s gotten…silly. just silly.

Time to create an ebay shop and try and sell some of them. I just seriously need the room. I’ve run out of places to stack canvasses. Money would be nice too. Baby needs a new pair of shoes. Actually, house needs a new roofs (quotes being organised). Anything will help at this point.  Ebay is a start really. My own little shop! …Now i sound like someone from ‘A murder is announced’.

I might put some landscapes up too and also some of the watercolours. Prices will be pretty low cause I want to distribute out to the masses and I don’t have A Name and therefore cannot charge A Name prices (more is the pity!). YET – of course yet…. Would be nice to drop paintings into the enraptured waiting hoards of fans and see them punch each other for the right to spend their hard earned moolah on my pictures.

Selling paintings is a weird thing. You put your soul into them when you paint them and then someone gives you a hundred bucks, or fifty bucks, and off it goes.  I always said what I wanted was for my paintngs to be the ones that people fought over when the will was read. I WANT THAT PICTURE OF THE MONSTER DOING THINGS TO THE OTHER MONSTER. NO – GRANDMA SAID THAT I COULD HAVE IT!

There are a lot of my paintings out there on walls, I don’t know who, how or when they got there. Sometimes I feel I’m a bit like Voldemort, but I didn’t have to commit murder to create my horcruxes, just commit my images to canvas or paper.

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  1. I can totally relate. I have stacks upon stacks of paintings that need a home. I live in a 300 sq.ft. apartment and there is literally no more space!!! Good luck with the selling 🙂

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