Our Project mascot

Our project mascot

Our project mascot

There is not really a lot I can say about this other than it makes a lot of sense if you know where I work. We had a project team day recently and some very interesting conversations occurred. We ended up with a quasi team mascot, which I painted and I can only really describe to you as :
A one eyed baby holding a flaming sword on the back of a dinosaur holding a signed off document, all standing on a pile of eggs that with either hatch into failure or victory, depending on various things that may or may not happen (will we get to see that document in time, for example).

The one eyed baby is sourced from the Ugly Baby Syndrome theory of testing. Not sure who first coined it but a good description is here. In a nutshell – testers are often the first people to tell a bunch of excited PMS and BAs and Devs and Stakeholders that actually their delightful bundle of joy is hideous to behold. And how does one do that!

A bus driver hears a commotion behind him. He turns to find a crying woman with a pram, and a man standing next to her.

He says ‘what’s going on here?’

‘This man called my baby ugly!’ sobbed the woman.

The driver looks in the pram, turns to the man, and says, ‘sir, there is no need to be cruel! go to the other side of the bus!’

The man apologises and leaves. The driver pats the woman on the arm. ‘There, there. Go and sit down and I’ll take you where  you need to go… And here’s a banana for your monkey!’



This painting (not the lame joke which actually is one of the few good things that came out of my time dating the EVIL-EX), pretty much actually has summed up the last few projects I’ve worked on. In every place I’ve worked there have been things done well, and things done less well. I’ve been on a project that has squashed all the eggs, I’ve been on one where the dinosaur chased down all the team members and et them.

Here’s hoping for a win pile, not a fail pile, on THIS project.