The neverending picture….woooahhhooohhhhooohhhhh

I went and saw the Neverending Story when I was a kid and it came out. I totally had Limahl’s song in my head for months (as distinct from Khamal’s song). Wait… I’m listening to Khamal now. He’s not half bad! Ok the song is a bit…dated. but hey. 1975 was a crazy time. You know if you go to op shops you could walk away from each of them with about 8 Khmal vinyl albums?

I digress.

A few years ago I traveled to Alice Springs and The Rock, also I went to the Olgas. I was there when it was pouring rain (the rock looks metallic silver in the rain) and there was green grass and soft colours everywhere. I hear this is really not normal. Normal for me. 100% of the time i was there it was wet!

One picture I took was this one – very pretty. This is the olgas. I don’t know what those trees were. I recall getting sunburned the day I took this though.


See the pretty purples and soft greens? So nice.

I decided to challenge myself and give this a go as a painting.

What a horrible and yet awesomely challenging time I had with this one!

This was the neverending painting. It kept freaking going. It never looked good and never looked good and I kept thinking ‘right it’s done’ and then someone would say something like ‘hey, that’s going to look really good when it’s finished!’



So this is my first attempt at background rocks (the olgas), my first attempt at trying for such depth, and the first time I tried to paint a different sort of tree up close.

It was looking flat and lifeless until i did more highlights on the rock, and lightened the foreground and then put lots of dabby bits in the foreground. I also had to add purple to the trees and that made them pop a bit, with just the green/brown they were flat and lifeless. So bringing purple into the entire picture managed to make it look good.

I will try another seascape next I think. I learned a lot on this painting. It’s about 80% of where I want to be going. I suspect that like in software development, that final 20% striving for perfection is going to take up 100% of the rest of my lifetime!


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  1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog and deciding to follow it. I like this painting very much. I like the colour, the light and the movement

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