The next thing

Since I finished the last Dinosaur painting I’ve been at a loss at to what to do next. So on the go I will always have the landscape, plus the watercolours, plus some sort of a thing I do in oil to work towards coming up with an exhibition.

What happens is that an idea pops into my head and that crystallizes and Whammo! – I know what I’m going to be doing next.

I’ve been waiting for a while now for this next thing to come along and last Friday it did.

I wanted to do action! All my most recent oils have been very passive. Landscapes are pretty passive, and all the posed royals and dinosaurs are pretty passive. I wanted to do life, colour, and movement, but in a less realistic style than my last lot. Precision is not what i’m going for here.

With that in mind i drew up two canvasses and slapped on some background colour. I will start painting on them soon.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Undercoats tend to look kind of hilarious and childish until the top layers are applied – they are there to map out shapes and give a bit of backgrond colour. So go with me on this, it will come good!

After all, this


became this


which ended up as this

Henry VIII

Henry VIII

and more!


and finally:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????


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    • Thank you! I love Elizabethan portraits. I just added in an archypteryx and a mutterboroughsaurous for good measure 🙂

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