Aerobics very Oz Style

Aerobics Oz Style

Aerobics Oz Style

Back in the early 2000s I discovered Aerobics Oz Style when it occurred to me that gaining 30kg in my late 20s was a move I was very uncomfortable with. I had been in denial for many years that I’d stacked on weight but when I worked out I totally being unable to fit into anything I owned, I was forced to admit it was not that the clothes were shrinking. It was me sitting on my butt, earning money, and eating a lot of food.

My weight gain was fueled almost entirely by muffins and pasta and cheese and chocolate and wine.  I was a vegetarian for 8 years  and I spent that 8 years horrifically hungry and snacking on as many carbs as I could to fill the gap. You can get enough protein on a vegetarian diet but I did not make the effort to do so. I’m one of those people who needs the high protein to stop the hunger. Ok to be honest I’m always hungry, but meat helps that.

While I was a veggie I decided to finally do something about moving and I discovered what worked for me was taping AOS in the morning before work and doing that episode after work. I still have the same tapes, only I put them onto DVD, complete with crappy early 2000s ads for Big Brother! On days that I cannot face going to the gym or I only have 20 minutes or so, and I feel the need to get the heart racing, I pop on an episode in the lounge room and off I go. Two episodes back to back with hand weights gives an adequate work out (not as good as a good gym workout with my PT).

I always thought to truly represent Oz Style, there needed to be at least one of the people on the screen just lying down and doing nothing and another one having a smoko. So that is how I drew it. 🙂

Btw, I was a fan of Wendy Carroll, June Jones and Kelly Piper episodes.