The Cockroach Nightmare

the cockroach nightmare

the cockroach nightmare

Sometimes I will ask people around me : Give me a topic to paint. And people say random things.

Or i will hear a phrase and like it – and I write it down, so that when my need to draw is high but my inspiration is low, I can flick through them and pick something from the list.

If I have and idea of what to draw I will do a little scribble. Sometimes it’s just the words and I will interpret them. Sometimes I know what the picture is I want to draw and the title for it comes later.

This painting, I had no idea about where it was going. I’m not even sure why or how it made it to the list. I ended up choosing to illustrate it in this way (Elizabethan ladies meet a giant cockroach dressed in men’s clothing while another little one ignores them all) because I felt like doing an Elizabethan painting, and that is is really. Possibly it came about as a friend is orders of magnitude terrified of cockroaches. I wondered what he’d be terrified of in a nightmare and decided that meeting a cockroach that seemed human would be odd. IN which case I had to draw some humans or else it would have just been one of my normal paintings.

On the same list I have:
Collecting, The artist, The degustation menu, Perfume, Bouncy Castle, The Barista, Ponyride @ the beach, Goat in a Moat.

I’ve  done two of those…they will be posted up soon.