Random art musings

Landscape, I have not been working on you at all lately.

I’m reaching the end of 4.5 weeks on leave and I’ve done a heck of a lot in that time though a lot less art type painting than intended. I have done a lot of work on my house – repairs that turned into very tricky things cause I’ve not really ever dealt with this stuff before (ignoring it for ten years funny enough means the jobs got a lot bigger!), or rebuilt a bit of dry rot window sill, and I had to deal with some wood borer (lots of pulling weatherboard off and spraying nasty chemicals around, i get to wear a full plastic suit for that), and now I have to replace bits of the weatherboard and repaint it. I’m rebuilding the cat run from scratch, gardening, and of course the big news is I finished the 4th draft of my book and now I need to find publishers to try and get to be interested in it.

That’s two complete full length novels plus two shorter ones. I’m not published (yet), but I think i can say I’m a writer at this point!!!!

Also I got a core sample taken (literally with a little corer thing) and found out today it was NOT skin cancer (hurrah! It was a freckle ON a mole, thus raised and bodgey looking but totally natural), and I’ve been dealing with fatigue issues which in retrospect I’ve been having a truly horrendous time with all year. Not being at work didn’t change the symptoms at all so I ended up at the doctor and got some blood tests. Vitamin B12 fixed the constant background fatigue where I was nearly in tears a lot – and other fatigue (plus some other weird ass symptoms) is from other causes, which I am currently doing a painting about and will post about later.

What with all this doing stuff – writing, napping, going to the doctors, op-shopping, buying up old albums (we have a new turn table so I’ve been getting lots of albums from second hand shops and op shops!), and catching up with friends, I’ve not really been in the mood to paint.

Also, and this is going to be an issue for me in the future: I paint the best when I’m busy at work and I need to rest my brain from doing the abstract thinking work I have to do all day. So the idea of going full time artist fills me with both longing but I also know that I’m not going to cope with it or produce much unless I can work around that somehow!

So, this is an art blog I suppose. Here is some art  I shall talk about:

I have been trying to work out how to get depth into landscape. I know how other people seem to do it but doing it yourself is always tricky.

I finished this painting a while ago and forgot about it:


I went through a lot of iterations of it. It’s been pointed out to me that the blobby trees in the background look like something from ‘The Lorax’ – I don’t mind that! I like them blobby.

I worked and worked on this and I was really snarky with it and it wasn’t until I washed out the background to a distant haze and really pumped up the detail in the foreground, that it worked for me. I’m still a bit undecided – but it looks a lot better. I stopped working on it cause i got cross with how long it was taking and I decided it was nearly done and I’d ruin it if I kept going.

I have two more landscapes I’ve not worked on for ages just sitting there. I should see to them soon.

And finally – I’m listening to this. Love this. I haven’t heard it in years. Hawkwind! My goodness was I totally uncool at university. (AND NOW).