Cats helping out- ironing

Cats helping out - Ironing

Cats helping out – Ironing

I have enough cats to classify as ‘crazy cat lady’. I am most certainly Under the Paw and I’m totally happy about that. The relationship of : I wish to pat them, they wish to be patted, and it’s worth a lot of cleaning up after them, vet bills, and provision of food in order that I can end up patting them.

One of the joys of having these fluffy small warm mammals around, is that they like to help you do all sorts of chores around the house. The chores might take a bit longer when you have to remove said mammal from whatever you are doing, but they know that sitting on the things you are touching and poking or chewing on the items you are using, are very helpful to you. I don’t know where I’d be if i didn’t have so much help from household chores from the tabbies and the tortoiseshell. They sure know how to help you do pretty much anything.