Cats helping out – making the bed

cats helping out - making the bed

cats helping out – making the bed

It often takes me far too long to make the bed because I have help.

What I mean by help is ‘play time’ where the underside of the sheet is good to hide in and be attacked through and the freshly laid sheet still has air in it and you can bounce onto it and mash it down.  It’s great when more than one cat is in the room. Then you can attack the cat shaped fabric lump and it CANNOT FIGHT BACK. Just, how good is that!

There is also the problem of trying to disrupt as few cats as possible when it’s sheet changing time. They get very resentful at the idea that you moving the fabric that they are sitting on might be more important to you than them being allowed to sit unmolested on said fabric.

There is of course an upside to bed changing time too – freshly laundered sheets, before you put them away, make really nice cat nests.

All my sheets are green these days. I don’t think I’ve ever had a white sheet in my life. I have one set that I bought on ebay and which turned out to be Kermit The Frog Green, I am not so very fond of them but hey they are cotton and comfortable, so I put up with the GREEN-NESS of them.