If only they’d stop turning up

If only they'd stop turning up

If only they’d stop turning up

We all have someone we know who is either a total dick and no one really likes, or they have behaved in such a way that they have lost all rights to the friendship of their group. When you’re part of a large social network bound together not through individuals but an interest group, this can mean those people just keep turning up to social things.  Private parties they will miss out on, but public things its much harder to uninvite people to.

It might be totally selfish and totally rude, but you just wish they’d bog off and let you and your mates be, and stop freaking turning up to things so you don’t have to deal with them.

If you break the social group rules and are not sorry about it, you need to find yourself a new group.

This painting is in that spirit. It is based on a number of people over the years who just failed to get they were no longer welcome to things because of their own behavior,  and just kept coming and things get more and more awkward for everyone.

In this painting, the dude in the stripy shorts used to date bikini girl who behaved abhorrently towards him – hence the breakup,  and that his her new totally oblivious partner she has come to show off smugly to everyone. No one wants them there. They came anyway.

Just give it a rest, guys, and look at yourself. Leave. Go find new friends. You’ll all be better off. 🙂