Cats helping out- breakfast

cats helping out - breakfast

cats helping out – breakfast

Since I no longer can eat milk products (the end result is not a desired one from eating any foods), or things like ice cream, I no longer have to battle for the rights to the cereal bowl milky goodness with the cats. I sometimes have Oat or Almond milk on muesli, the cats ignore this with the disdain it deserves.  They lay in wait though for the rights to the good bowls. Or else the little paw comes out and tries to get to the bowl, if you’re not on your guard.

They inevitably try and sit on your book or paper when you read it Or lap top (if like me you look at the internet while eating breakfast sometimes). I have a lap top table and one cat has recently taken to sitting across my arms and onto my chest while i type. It’s both annoying and adorable. So of course I let her do it.

However any time you have toast with Vegemite, cats go ballistic. Vegemite is crack for cats, it’s salty and intense in a way that drives them mental. I sometimes get a little plate out and put some Vegemite on that and put it down so the cats will go to that and leave me in peace to have mine. I have a ‘white bread or toast with lots of butter and a thin scraping of Vegemite’ (if the bread is not super fresh, then i toast it) preference – everyone has their own way of eating it and it’s wrong to try and eat it any way you don’t like it.  Vegemite is awesome but only if you were fed it as a child, I can totally see how people who first try it as an adult find it utterly disgusting.  I find marmite disgusting, because it’s like try-hard sweetened vegemite, and who wants that. YUCK!

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  1. Nutmeg happily eats porridge or even rice porridge with no milk in it. Red here does too! And they both stick their heads in the coffee cup (with milk in it) to clean it out… sigh.

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