Landscape – strand of trees

Tree strand

Tree strand

Unsure of whether this painting turned out ok or not. I will leave it up to others to judge, sometimes I look at things I’ve done and think they are rubbish and people disagree and think they are great and sometimes I think I’ve rocked it and get raised eyebrows and ‘no comment’!  This one – big pile of ‘dunno’.

I chose to do this one as a painting because of the severe lack of colour in the photograph, it was mostly ochres and pale browns, and I really thought it would be grand,  but as a painting that turned out dull and horrid so I had to add in blue, purple, green, and white, to get some life into it. There is a big difference between a good photograph and a good painting, and sometimes they just don’t translate well between mediums. A bit like how truly excellent books can make mediocre movies (eg – The Accidental Tourist, Memoirs of a Geisha, Girl with a Pearl Earring, the entire Harry Potter series).

I also am going to stick to 30*40cm after this. I tend to see things when I’m painting much smaller, much better. Otherwise i struggle with the detail in regards to a landscape.

I’ve started working on a series of seascapes. very different to the parched yellows and browns of the mallee.

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