The iron man

iron man

iron man

Someone I work with recently did an iron man.  Took him around 11 hours to complete. And it was in the rain the whole day.

An iron-man is a 3.8km swim, a 180km ride, and a 42.2km run. On the same day.

Yeah, I know, RIGHT?

And apparently, you’re supposed to not just flop over and die.  According to some people, they ENJOY doing this stuff.  (He was not walking quite right for a week afterwards).

Running to me has always been problematic. I do a lot of exercise and what I like to do is weights, not running, not sprinting. Running hurts the joints, it kicks off the asthma and i WHEEZE, it is 100% what my body screams out ‘you should not be doing this’. I try it anyway, it gets the heart rate up, and with a treadmill it isn’t hard on the knees. My maximum run I’ve ever done is 3km. Which is tiny compared to 42.2 but enough for me, thank you!   I’m the turtle, not the hare. I’m the plodder along not the sprinter. I can tell I’m good peasant stock, made for toiling the fields day after day.  So the concept that anyone would spend months training for an event like the above and actually enjoy the training and the actual day, is totally bizarre to me.

Then again, as i stagger back from my personal trainer session twice a week at lunchtime and I can’t move my arms and I walk like a very old, stiff jointed person, and people look at me in horror and say ‘why do you DO that to yourself’ – I guess other people think I’m mad for doing what I’m doing.   Also if I’m at home I will often put on a two back to back episodes of Aerobics Oz Style that i taped in the early 2000s and now have 4 DVDs of  and bounce around the lounge to Kellie, Wendy, and June (my favorite presenters) – that is actually FUN. (also you get ads from the early 2000s. HOMEART and big brother series 2 and Ita Buttrose flogging weight loss programs. hilarious!)

Each to their own I guess, you all have to find the exercise that is right for you.

This picture is, at any rate, my take on the iron man. I was going to have someone swimming down the front but the balance of the picture was right how it was and I didn’t want to overdo it so I left it as is.


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  1. Yep, I agree, crazyperson doing an ironman! All power to him though – I’d love to be able to run a hundred metres!
    I’d like to see the dude on the unicycle doing a decathlon 😉

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