Cats helping out – cleaning the fish tank

Cats helping out - cleaning the fish tank

Cats helping out – cleaning the fish tank

Cats have been known to jump in fish tanks while they are being cleaned, try and scoop fish out of the fish tank, succeed in scooping fish out of the fish tank, drink the water in the buckets, pull the tubing from the buckets, and generally be underfoot when cleaning a tank.

This painting has become awfully relevant to me lately. I’ve pretty much had fish since I was little, my parents had goldfish and I took on the care of them in high school. Since then I’ve had multiple tanks on multiple occasions. I get fish, I get over fish, I give tanks away (two have cracked, man both of THOSE were fun to deal with the aftermath of).

I currently have one tank – it’s a 6*2*2 foot tank, it’s big enough to fit me. I have two Oscars and a catfish in it. the fish are huge. I had them in a 4 foot tank but it wasn’t big enough fro them so i got the 6 foot tank which frankly I got shocked at how big it was when it was delivered-  and it’s more work than any other tank I’ve ever had.  Recently there has been an outbreak of tiny little snails that my fish have been eating, rather than the food – the food has been going directly to the snails I think. I’m now trying to deal with the snails and it’s causing a lot of work.


These are the oscars, this photo is a few years old. they are really huge, solid fish now. Bhopal is the stripy one and Mandu is the orange one. I got them when I got back from a holiday in India – I really enjoyed Madhya Pradesh. Very few western tourists go there (Guys, it’s awesome, go!) though many people have heard of Bhopal…. we didn’t get hassled the same way you do in places like Agra.  Bhopal as named for the Bhimbetka Rock paintings which was one of the coolest things I’ve seen on a holiday, and Mandu was just hands down magnificent. If i had another fish I’d probably have called it Sanchi.

This post has been clearly brought to you by the Indian Tourist board!