Merricks Beach

Mericks beach, winter

Merricks beach, winter

I wonder if I’ve spelt Merricks right.   Hrm. I just googled it, no I had not, now I have.

In my push to get better at ALL THE PAINTINGS I’ve been working on a few landscapes of the sea. Getting waves right is a bit different and yet eerily similar to getting shrubbery right – you have to give things three dimensions in paint that you’ve never had to do before and you have to work out how to do it.  Lots of problem solving. Which I like doing, really.

Last winter, I took a lot of photos around various beaches around greater Melbourne. I have had a few goes with varied results, and I decided to try again and really attempt to get them right. It’s interesting painting with blue, I’m used to . and working out how to paint wet sand and waves that look real.  I like the blue in this looks really cold – it was a very cold day, after all.
I’m super dooper happy with this one, it just worked out right.

Not just super happy, super DOOPER happy.