cats helping out – bath


Cats helping out - bath

Cats helping out – bath

My cats come and sit on my clothes outside the shower/bath when I’m in it and i have to dislodge them to get dressed. Lately as it’s so cold I’ve taken to putting the towel over the hot air vent while I’m showering to make it nice and warm, but then at least two cats have to be removed from it. They think it’s great when they can sit on the towel/vent combination.

I could always, you know, close the door and lock them out, but I’m not a harsh, cruel, and mean human, so how could you SUGGEST such a thing.

You will notice the bath and sink are a nice green colour. I’m not a massive fan of the white bathroom fixtures – I love the 50s and 60s pinks and blues and greens (not as fond of the 70’s mustard or baby-poo-brown or avocado ones, though). I’m not a fan at all of any sort of neutral house colours. I have a green sink very like this one in my own bathroom – one of the reasons I bought the house.

On the topic of baths and pets….

I used to have a pet rat (The Runabout) when I lived with a stinky housemate who was ‘allergic’ to cats so I couldn’t have one (she merely disliked rats but I required a fluffy mammal companion) and I would let her (the rat, not the stinky housemate) run around the floor of the bathroom while I showered. When I got out, she’d run over and lick my wet feet.  Rat tongues are very small and very cute and very tickley.  The housemate, I’m pleased to say, never licked me with her tongue.

This story disgusts many people.  I don’t see it, myself. One day I’ll describe ‘the wallaby head incident’, and you will then learn the true meaning of disgust.  Even I’m vaguely unsettled by ‘the wallaby head incident’ and I was a part of it.

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  1. Have found your blog and loving your work. The cats make me smile! 🙂

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