Lunch with TEA

Lunch with TEA

Lunch with TEA

In 2002 there was a girl I was really fond of. We would have lunch every Friday, and we’d talk and talk and talk. I’m calling her TEA here for various personal reasons.

Sometimes a friendship has a shelf life – this one had about two years and ended fairly poorly over a very different approach to how we lived our lives. I was never sorry it was over. It was a pretty intense friendship while it lasted.

One of the things that she used to do that drove me into embarrassment was how she always took exception to SOMETHING on the menu, no matter what we ate or where we ate, there was something wrong, and she’d always tell the wait staff exactly what it was that was wrong.

Anyway , word came to me recently that she had died, fairly young, and rather unexpectedly.  I had no idea what to think and I didn’t grieve (12 years is long time no see), but recently I found myself walking down the street we used to go to for lunch (Gertrude St, when it was cool and before it went up market and boring). I found myself remembering both fondly those lunches, and wincing in embarrassment at her complaints about the food.

This is my eulogy to TEA. Remembering the good times, but I reserve the right to keep impersonating her eating a pie when I want to be amused.

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